Hygiene Kit

Hygiene Kit

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Sold In Cases of 144 | $2,160/Per Case | $15/Per Kit

Case quantities of each individual item may vary, you will have some extras. 

You can store the extras or donate them!
  •  Cosmetic/Toiletry Bag
  •  Adult Hairbrush
  •  6 1/2'' Handle Comb
  • 4.6oz Toothpaste
  • Asst Color Adult Toothbrush Rubber grip
  • Clear Toothbrush Holder
  • 8oz Shampoo & Body Bath
  • 4.4oz Deodorant Soap
  • Hinged Soap Dish holder
  • 12x12 1lb Washcloth
  • Pocket Packet Tissue 15CT
  • Waxed Dental Floss 12 yds

**Actual kit contents may differ from the photos below. There are no razors included in this kit**